PROc2w Ltd
Registered in England: 10007258
71-75 Sheldon Street,
Covent Garden,

Tel: 01793 250 063

VAT No: GB 233 7587 88
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Employer? Click here to see how to turn £3,000 into £3,914 in 12 months. Or use The Green Commute Initiative to make tax savings with no outlay! Click here.
PROc2w is really simple...
NO £1,000 limit!
Save 32% or 42% on any bike you like.
No 7% end of scheme penalty.
FCA approval or CCL not required.
Substantial employer tax savings.
PROc2w is the UK's only Cycle to Work scheme with NO £1,000 limit. It's fully compliant with HMRC and Financial Conduct Authority regulations.

You'll make a genuine 32% or 42% tax saving on the whole price of any bike you fancy and of course you can pay monthly.

PROc2w is good for employers too. They make tax savings and we can finance the bikes so there's no effect on cash flow.

It's really easy to implement, you can even start now with Instant PROc2w. Just click the logo above.

Compared to other C2W schemes we're like a breath of fresh air and we're powering the Green Commute Initiative which really is all about fresh air. Find out more now!

Cash neutral finance available.
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